Franchise handbook

Franchising is a great way to make a living without taking on many of the risks normally associated with starting up your own business.

What is franchising? 

Franchising is when one person (the franchisor) grants a license to another (the franchisee) which entitles the franchisee to run a business using the trademark and business systems owned and developed by the franchisor. 

It is a highly respected and successful business model which enables individuals to own their own business in the knowledge that it has already been proven a success.

The Benefits

  • opening up your own business in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years
  • working with a system that has been proven
  • benefiting from the combined experience of both the franchisor and the franchise network as a whole
  • improved profit margins stemming from the purchasing power of the wider franchise network
  • the ability to focus on marketing and developing the business, without the hassle of sourcing suppliers, developing marketing materials, investing in web products and much of the other infrastructure and admin involved with running a business
  • being part of a global team

It's YOUR business 

As a franchisee you would be the business owner and it would be your responsibility to make a success of your business. But you would do so with the ongoing support of the franchisor, not to mention fellow franchisees. 

And remember, your initial investment doesn't simply disappear. As you grow your business and as we grow the brand, so the value of your business can grow. If you are successful and should you wish to sell one day, your business should be worth more than your initial investment.

Do your homework! 

But be wary...not all franchise systems are the same. Do your homework! Anyone interested in a franchise should check out the credentials of the franchisor, their track record, their Head Office team and their qualifications. At Silver Pet Prints, we will be very open with you about our system and our success, including the opportunity to speak with existing franchisees about their achievements.